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Raiden Nakamura must use super robot Mayhem's power to defend the solar system from the invading Demon Imperial Alliance!

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Welcome to Subversive comics

Founded in 2012, Subversive Comics is a comic book publisher based in the United Kingdom.

Subversive’s mission statement is simple: Great Stories and Great Art. Subversive titles include artists and writers that have featured in such prestigious titles as 2000AD, Marvel, DC, Starburst, Heavy Metal magazine and more.

Titles include Metal Made Flesh, Super Robot Mayhem, Bearlands: Zombie Bears, Trista, The Abyss and Dream Walkers.

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Metal Made Flesh

After a chance meeting at a convention in 2011, Simeon Aston and Jeremy Biggs have been working together to create the illustrated cyberpunk novella “Metal Made Flesh”: a collection of 3 short stories set in a futuristic world created and illustrated by Aston, and written by Biggs. It details the exploits of 3 mercenaries as they try to survive in the hostile environment on Tuaoni.


As much a loving homage to franchises like Mad Max, The Terminator, George Romero’s “…of the Dead” series and other 1980’s genre films as it is to Saturday morning action cartoons like Thundercats, but with enough of a fresh spin to take it beyond it’s “high concept” premise.

Super Robot Mayhem

Raiden Nakamura is infected by a virus that causes him to bond with the mysterious mecha MAYHEM. Together they are the only thing that stands in the way of the invading Demon Imperial Alliance…

Samurai Bears

a one shot comic set in a new part of the Bearlands universe. Featuring a cast of katana wielding samurais and ninjas. Samurai Bears traces the exploits of Kimiko, a tough, single minded samurai and her brother the plucky Fumio as they set out to retrieve a precious artifact stolen by the evil Red Panda Gang.

Dream Walkers