Noel Guard

Noel is a traditional British artist and life long Metal and Sci-Fi fan. He created the artwork and concepts for the graphic novel The Industrialist which is written by Burton C Bell, the vocalist of the American Industrial Metal band Fear Factory.

1. Tell us a little about yourselves and your history with writing / art – who are you and what do you do?

I was born in Reading UK in 1981. I’m a big Sci-Fi fan. I’ve always had a passion for art and comics and grew up watching Manga and Jackie Chan movies. When not working on my art I work part time in a assessment Centre for the Homeless. Prior to working in the homeless sector i worked in various psychiatrist hospitals for 13 years. These days I am focusing my attention to art and comics and enjoying developing my art further.

2. Have you had much experience working on other people’s worlds – and how did it feel to be let loose in the sandbox? How did you approach your story?

I have been a freelance artist part time for over 10 years but my experience working in comics is limited. Last year saw the release of my first graphic novel, It was called The Industrialist and was written by Burton C Bell.

Although I wasn’t familiar with the MMF universe I had seen quite a bit of the art from Simeon online and loved what I saw. I knew that if I was going to do the pages in Black and White, I wanted them to be fully rendered with a fine pen. I tend to work big so I did the pages bigger to get the detail in.

3. What was the most difficult thing (if anything) working within someone else’s world?

I guess for me it was getting to know the MMF characters and story in a short space of time, I was asking Jeremy a lot of questions as my script encompasses three of the previous MMF story’s. I was asking Jeremy so many questions he must have been opening my messages with squinty eyes and gritted teeth haha! [Not at all! – Jeremy]

4. What are the top comic books / films you’re reading at the moment?

I’ve been checking out the Sun Ken Rock series by Boichi. Man I love his inking, very dynamic story telling.

5. What inspires you generally? Who are your comic / writing / art heroes?

Simon Bisley has always been a massive influence on me as are a lot of the 2000AD artists. I think the UK has a very distinct style in terms of comic art and this has always had an impact on me. I’m aslo influenced by Manga artists, especially Katsuhiro Otomo and Shirow Masamune. The Akira manga art still blows me away today, some of the greatest comic art ever created in my opinion. H.R.Giger is also a big influence.

I’m a Metal Head at heart but I also love Synth-wave and Electronic music. A contemporary artist I think is fantastic is Ariel Zucker Brull. He does a lot of the Synth-Wave album covers.

6. If people want to know more your own work, where should they go


Posted by Jeremy Biggs on April 27, 2017

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