Peter Cooper

Writer of the sci-fi graphic novel Telikos Protocol and founder of 3rd Phase Studios.

1. Tell us a little about yourselves and your history with writing – who are you and what do you do?

Hi there! I’m Pete Cooper. I write for page and screen, constantly revelling in finding new and interesting ways to make people and things explode. Or in the case of Vengeance, get cut into little bits.

2. What was the inspiration behind your story in Metal Made Flesh: Vengeance?

I found Phaeon in a bit of a bind when it came to my story. Strapped up, as good as dead. To have the opportunity to turn that around and show some of his first steps on his path of revenge was really exciting. I really wanted to let the readers in on Phaeon’s growing humanity as well as his bloodthirsty streak, so I dipped into some cinematic classics – films such as LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL and D.O.A. – to try and bring that out.

3. Have you had much experience working on other people’s worlds – and how did it feel to be let loose in the sandbox? How did you approach your story?

I’ve had the opportunity to dip into other universes before but never anything quite like METAL MADE FLESH. The collaboration with Jeremy, Simeon, Tom and Cy – interlacing our stories to try and create a seamless narrative – was both a challenge and a joy!

4. What was the most difficult thing (if anything) working within someone else’s world?

To get the vibe of Tuaoni I really had to let go. There was a level of ultraviolence and adult themes I had never explored, and without that edge the story loses the Metal Made Flesh feel. I’d keep sending pages in expecting to be pulled back, only to be told I should push the limits even further! That took a lot of adjusting to.

5. What are the top comic books / films you’re enjoying at the moment?

I’ve been on a real manga kick the last few months, so I’ve been reading some of the great samurai classics – Lone Wolf and Cub, Vagabond and the like. As for the cinema, Kong: Skull Island was a big surprise and Logan was immense! That said, we’re hitting peak time at the movies. I hope you’re all as excited as me for films like Alien: Covenant, the new Guardians and some of the sleepers like Colossal and Dunkirk. I’m thinking it’s going to be a good year!

6. What inspires you generally? Who are your comic / writing / art heroes?

I have a very broad range of inspiration. Since I come from a screenwriting background, I often look to the writing of action writers like John Milius, Shane Black and James Cameron, all of whom forged their own path with groundbreaking writing and fantastic style that translated so well from page to screen. Comic writer friends like Justin Jordan and Alex de Campi keep pushing boundaries and reminding me of what I aspire for in the industry.

7. If people want to know more your own work, where should they go?

You can find out more about my projects at or alternatively follow my horrific stream of comics/movies/sports/modelmaking consciousness on Twitter: @peterbcooper

Posted by Jeremy Biggs on April 27, 2017

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