Phil Buckenham

Phil was discovered at conventions that Jeremy and Simeon attended in 2015. They loved his art style and realised that he would fit in right alongside Simeon’s artwork. Phil has drawn stories for Metal Made Flesh: Blood and Oil and Metal Made Flesh: Vengeance.

Interview with Phil Buckenham:

1. Tell us a little about yourselves and your history with writing / art – who are you and what do you do?

I’m Phil Buckenham and I’m a comic artist and illustrator.

2. Have you had much experience working on other people’s worlds – and how did it feel to be let loose in the sandbox? How did you approach your story?

Book 3 of the mmf will contain my 3rd and 4th additions to the series. My first experience with working within other worlds was my work on Blood and Oil. Luckily for me Sim and Jeremy had created a expansive and impressive world and building upon that was challenging and interesting at the same time.

One of my stories follows on from my first contribution and it was nice to be able to pick up that storyline again and draw Rudae

3. What was the most difficult thing (if anything) working within someone else’s world?

The biggest challenge I found was trying to put my own spin on and develop a world already so full of detail.

4. What are the top comic books / films you’re reading at the moment?

I really enjoyed Tokyo Ghost and currently working my way through Image comics Nailbiter. Regular pick ups include mostly batman and the walking dead.

5. What inspires you generally? Who are your comic / writing / art heroes?

My 4 year old son Noah inspires me and willed on by my girlfriend Rachel, both of whom are strong supporters of my work. Comic and artist heroes include Sean Murphy, Todd Mcfarlane and Jock.

6. If people want to know more your own work, where should they go?

Much of my work and commissions can be found on my Instagram and twitter pages.

Posted by Jeremy Biggs on April 21, 2017

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